Our Work

Many children have never celebrated their birthdays. Our programs make birthdays unforgettable

What We Do!

The purpose of The Birthday Party (TBP) is to celebrate that special day, whether it be their birthday or some other milestone, in the life of a child who may temporarily find their little life under challenging circumstances. Whether the child is in a temporary shelter or elsewhere, TBP creates a colorful and fun party supplying all of the makings for a party. Our Board of Directors and volunteers go to the location, decorate and host a party with games, face painting, favors, gifts, and cake and ice cream. We host monthly parties for various organizations in our community that provide services for children. Note, that oftentimes the shelter is at an undisclosed location and for the protection of the children.
Also important to us at TBP, is empowering the parent(s) of the child in offering them the choice of hosting the party themselves. In that case, TBP will furnish all the supplies and cake needed to host a successful party in what we call The Birthday Box.

Making a difference  one party at a time.